Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance Review

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Dairyland insurance reviews
Dairyland insurance reviews

Dairyland Insurance Overview

Dairyland has been providing specialty insurance for motorcycle drivers since 1953. Starting out in Wisconsin, the company focused on so-called high-risk drivers — those who can’t get coverage because of insufficient commercial driving experience, no prior insurance, or poor driving history. When Sentry Insurance acquired the business in 1966, Dairyland effectively expanded its scope to include non-standard auto insurance policies. Today, the company serves 42 states.

What makes Dairyland a clear standout among motorists is that it provides insurance to those who typically cannot get it. Whether you own a high-end sports bike for leisure and seasonal adventures or a scooter for work, there is a custom coverage plan that will be suited for you.

Those looking for affordable plans will be glad to know that Dairyland offers motorcycle insurance discounts if you’re a member of partner riders groups, own multiple bikes, or passed a safety training program. Premiums aren’t “cheap” but many Dairyland insurance reviews point toward the positive because it gives high-risk drivers a fair chance at getting the coverage they need on the road.

Company websitehttps://www.dairylandinsurance.com/
Customer service numberFor a motorcycle quote, call: 844-232-8502
For an auto quote, call: 844-242-4468

Weekdays 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CT)

Mailing address1800 North Point Dr, Stevens Point, WI 54481
Claims phone number800-334-0090 (available 24/7)

What We Like

Offers non-standard policies

Aside from the typical comprehensive policies for motor vehicles, Dairyland provides customized and specialty coverages involving special equipment, roadside assistance, and replacements, among others, for all types of motorcycles, bikes, and scooters.

Online quotes available

Access Dairyland’s website or mobile app to request a quote, make a payment, or find an agent in your location.


If you are a part of an accredited motorcycle riders’ group, the Harley Owners’ Group (H.O.G.), own multiple bikes, or have voluntarily taken and passed a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, Dairyland provides special discounts on your preferred plan.

SR-22 filing for high-risk drivers

Those required by their state’s Department of Insurance to submit an SR-22 financial responsibility filing will find the right plan with Dairyland. An SR-22 is proof of your ability to meet minimum liability insurance requirements and is typically asked of high-risk drivers. While there is no set rule defining “high risk,” these are usually people who are more likely than others to crash or have multiple serious driving violations on record.

Flexible payment options

Dairyland offers monthly and automatic payments which can be made online, whether or not you have an online account.

What We Don’t Like

High number of complaints

The company has been receiving a high number of complaints about its claims process, as reflected in its National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index of 5.72. That’s way above the national index of 1.0. This number is computed by dividing the company’s U.S. market complaints by its share of premiums in the same demographic.

Not available in all states

Dairyland offers motorcycle insurance products in 37 U.S. states, and not all discounts and policy options are available in all. Rules governing SR-22 filings may also vary depending on the location.

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About Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance

Dairyland Insurance offers both standard and specialty coverages, plus add-ons, for all types of motorcycle riders, whether driving as a hobby, seasonally, or for commercial purposes.

Types of Coverage

Dairyland motorcycle insurance coverage options include:

  • Collision: Liability only; covers the cost of all expenses from the damage to your bike
  • Comprehensive: Covers damage to your motorcycle causes by non-collision events, like theft, vandalism, on poor weather conditions
  • Bodily injury: Covers costs for when your accident causes pain or death to others; can help pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses
  • Medical expense: Covers medical bills for both you and your passenger after an accident
  • Guest passenger: Covers medical bills for bodily injuries if you passenger gets hurt in an accident
  • Personal injury protection: Covers any medical expenses for you and any other eligible person, regardless of who is at fault; can apply to non-medical costs, as well, like lost wages and death benefits
  • Property damage: Covers damage to another person’s property for an accident you caused; note that this does not cover damage to your own property
  • Physical damage plus: Covers the cost of getting genuine, original replacement parts for your motorcycle
  • Replacement cost: If you motorcycle is declared a total loss and it is three years old or newer, this can cover paying for a new bike, plus optional equipment
  • Rental reimbursement: Covers the cost of renting another vehicle while your motorcycle is being repaired after being in an accident
  • Underinsured motorist bodily injury: Covers the cost of medical bills for you and your passenger when the accident was caused by the other driver and their insurance policy is not enough to shoulder your injuries
  • Underinsured motorist property damage: Covers the cost of the damage to your motorcycle if the at-fault party’s insurance is insufficient
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury: Covers your medical bills if the at-fault party does not have motor vehicle insurance
  • Uninsured motorist property damage: Covers your motorcycle if the other driver, who caused the accident, does not have insurance
  • Roadside assistance: Covers towing and roadside service fees when you have an electrical or mechanical breakdown while on the road, such as when you have a flat tire, run out of gas, get low on water, fluids, or oil, have a dead battery, or lost your keys
  • Optional/special equipment: Covers damage or loss of permanent equipment that goes beyond the manufacturer standard; the amount covered is the difference between the optional unit’s value and the cost of the standard equipment it is replaced

Types of Motorcycles Covered

Dairyland motorcycle insurance covers all types, styles, and brands of bikes. Whether you drive a cruiser, standard, touring, sport-touring, dirt bike, trike, sportbike, dual-purpose bike, autocycle, or moped/scooter, there is a customized motorcycle insurance package for every owner.

All coverage comes with support and service, and you may expand protection through specialized coverage products for optional equipment and genuine part replacements. Requirements vary depending on the state where you are located.

Discount Options

Most Dairyland insurance reviews state that while its motorcycle insurance products aren’t exactly “cheap,” they are affordable and come with a lot of value and savings. Some of the discounts that it provides are:

  • Multi-cycle discount: If you’re insuring more than one motorcycle, you get a discount.
  • Homeownership: If you own a house, condo unit, mobile home, townhouse, or modular house — and it has insurance — you may qualify for multi-policy savings.
  • Loyalty discount: If you have been a Dairyland customer for at least one year and/or want to replace your bike or add a new one, you may get a loyalty discount.
  • H.O.G. membership: If you are a member of the Harley Owners Group, you get a discount on your motorcycle insurance.
  • Rider group membership: If you are a member of a motorcycle association or riding club, you may get a discount. Just indicate your membership when you request a motorcycle insurance quote.
  • Transfers: If you have motorcycle insurance with another provider but want to switch to Dairyland, you may qualify for a discount.
  • Passed a rider course: If you’ve taken and passed a motorcycle safety course in the last five years, you may get a discount on Dairyland’s rider course via the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which has locations all over the U.S.


Motorcycle insurance costs vary depending on your location, as each state has its own guidelines for minimum insurance coverage. This applies to both standard insurance and special add-ons and upgrades. The national average pricing for bike insurance is $721 annually. To illustrate, a rider who lives in North Dakota might pay only $28 per month while a rider who is in California might pay $151 per month.

Dairyland motorcycle insurance premiums start at $6 per month, with the final cost depending on state mandates and optional inclusions.

Dairyland motorcycle insurance premiums start at $6 per month. The company does not provide pricing details on its website, but according to various Dairyland insurance reviews, low-risk riders who want standard full coverage can expect to pay around $1,000 per year, while high-risk riders who want the same plan might have to pay around $2,800 per year.

Company Reviews

Is Dairyland insurance good? Dairyland motorcycle insurance reviews are a mix of positives and negatives. Many of those who gave positive Dairyland insurance reviews liked that it offers customized insurance plans and caters to high-risk riders who otherwise would not get approved elsewhere. Meanwhile, those who gave negative feedback said that its claims process can be confusing and that some of its discounts are not available in all serviced states.

4 out of 5 stars on ConsumerAffairs

4.2 out of 5 stars on Google

Positive Reviews

Those who gave positive Dairyland Dairyland insurance reviews said that it provides good value plans, especially for seasonal and high-risk drivers. Some commented that the purchase process is quick and seamless and that its website and mobile app are easy to understand and navigate.

Negative Reviews

Those who gave negative Dairyland motorcycle insurance reviews complained that it sometimes takes a long time for the company to respond to claims filings and complaints. Others also observed that their customer service isn’t consistent and sometimes provides misleading information.

The most recent Dairyland insurance reviews can be found on its Google business profile.


The NAIC conducts reviews of complaints filed with all state insurance departments from time to time. A 1.0 refers to the national average of complaints, so a company that has a 2.0 complaint index means it gets twice the number of complaints than the rest of the insurance market gets. A company that scores below 1.0 means it gets fewer complaints than the national average.

NAIC Complaint Index on Dairyland Insurance

NAIC Complaint Index on Dairyland Insurance
Share of complaints in the U.S. market0.04%
Total # of complaints14
Annual premium$120,773,005
Share of premiums in the U.S. market0.0075156

Dairyland has more complaints than other insurance providers, which means it might not be the best option for motorcycle drivers, although those who have poor driving histories or are classified as “high risk” might find it beneficial despite the relatively higher cost.

Dairyland Alternatives

There are other insurance companies that also provide motorcycle coverage. Here are some of the top Dairyland insurance alternatives:

Progressive: Progressive offers coverage for high-risk drivers, as well as provides an SR-22 to those who need proof. It also gives accident forgiveness for first-time accident cases and discounts for those who manage to improve their driving records.

GEICO: GEICO offers a wide range of motorcycle insurance coverages, including collision, bodily injury liability, accessories, medical, and comprehensive physical damage. The company also offers discounts for transfers, multi-bike ownership, mature riders, and more.

Allstate: Allstate also sells a number of motorcycle insurance products, including for UTVs, ATVs, and off-road vehicles, in addition to bike coverage. It also gives discounts for passing a safety course, multi-cycle ownership, transfers, and more.

Insurancy Recommendation

Dairyland’s motorcycle insurance products are priced higher than most providers, but its level of coverage — particularly for drivers who have trouble getting approved for regular insurance — is the main reason why many prefer it over the competition. With its customizable protection packages, motorcycle owners with specific needs will find Dairyland to be a good fit.

However, if you are interested in only standard protection for the road, you might want to look somewhere else for more affordable premiums. Reading our guide to choosing the best motorcycle insurance might help.

The application process for Dairyland insurance can be done online or via its mobile app. Reviews on its purchasing response times are mostly positive, so you can expect to get an answer to your request for a quote immediately. We like that it does not discriminate on the type of rider you are and the kind of bike you have and offers guaranteed acceptance.

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