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Banner Life (now Legal & General Life) offers some of the industry’s most affordable life insurance policies on the market today, including term life insurance and universal life insurance coverage.
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Written by Brian Greenberg
CEO / Founder & Licensed Insurance Agent

Last updated: February 17th, 2023

Reviewed by Grant Desselle
Licensed Insurance Agent

Our take on Banner Life Insurance (now Legal & General Life Insurance Co.)

Banner Life Insurance began as Government Employees Life Insurance Company (GEICO) in 1949, but in 1981, the company was acquired by Legal & General. Legal & General also acquired William Penn in 1989, which is why you will often see Banner Life, William Penn, and Legal & General America used almost interchangeably. However, the policies issued by Banner Life are unique and are actually among the industry’s best.

Policyholders may especially appreciate the flexibility of their stackable term riders, which gives them the ability to increase coverage when they need it most. If you’re looking for affordable life insurance, Banner Life would make an excellent choice.

Banner (Legal & General) Life Insurance Company Details

A.M. Best RatingA+
S&P RatingAA-
BBB RatingA+
Customer Service Phone800-638-8428
AddressLegal & General America
3275 Bennett Creek Avenue
Frederick, Maryland 21704

What we like

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Though not quite the same as a no-exam policy, their APPcelerate is a no medical exam life insurance plan that lets you receive term coverage in as little as one business day.

Stackable Term Options

One of their term riders lets you stack term policies. For example, a 20-year level term life insurance policyholder can add an additional 10-year term, overlapping the first half of his 20-year policy and maximizing benefits during a period of pronounced financial need.

What we don’t like

No Whole Policies Offered

While Banner Life offers two different universal life insurance plans, customers will have to look elsewhere if they specifically need a whole life insurance plan.

Applicants Must Pay Reconsideration Fee

If applicants want to be reconsidered for their policies, they will be responsible for paying their own reconsideration fee.

Strict Eligibility

Banner Life’s simplified issue term life insurance policies offer great rates to the young and healthy but have a reputation for excluding those who have health conditions or a history of drug and alcohol dependence.

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While we’d like to see a whole life insurance offering, their term and universal policies are among the best in the industry.

Term Life

Length of Coverage10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 years
Minimum Coverage$100,000
Maximum Coverage$1,000,000
Estimated Time to ApprovalUp to a week or 1 day with APPcelerate plan
Product Features
  • Competitive premiums
  • Stacking term rider
  • Conversion options

Banner offers some of the most flexible term life insurance in the industry, with plans ranging from 10 to 30 years, as well as 40-year terms for residents outside of the state of New York. Coverage ranges from $100,000 to $2 million dollar life insurance and is available with no exam to applicants as old as 75, though term lengths will be reduced with age as follows:

Coverage Length:Applicant Age Range:
10 Years20-75
15 Years20-75
20 Years20-75 (non-smoker); 20-70 (smoker)
25 Years20-60 (non-smoker); 20-55 (smoker)
30 Years20-55 (non-smoker); 20-50 (smoker)

APPcelerate Plan

Banner Life doesn’t offer a traditional no-exam policy, but they do offer accelerated underwriting for certain applicants. While not an instant issue life insurance plan, applicants can expect to receive coverage within one business day, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • A health interview passed
  • Non-smoker
  • Not a resident of Connecticut, Alaska, or Hawaii

Otherwise, Banner Life’s traditional underwriting can take weeks to complete.

Great Policy for Healthy Applicants

Banner Life’s term policy is great for younger, healthy applicants. You can generally expect to see the greatest value when you meet their health screening requirements, which include a comprehensive personal and family medical history.

The flip side, of course, is that Banner Life tends to be more challenging for those who have health conditions, along with those who have family members with health issues such as heart disease or cancer. In order to be reconsidered, the applicant must pay fees.

Annual Policy Fee

Banner Life’s term policies come with a $60 annual fee, though this is built into the term price.

Conversion Options

Term life policyholders have the option of converting their policy into a universal life policy at any time prior to their 70th birthday.

Laddered Options

Banner Life gives their term policyholders the option to “ladder” their policy using additional riders. This means that you can increase your death benefit during times of greater financial need, such as when your mortgage is at its highest or when your kids are preparing for college.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a type of life insurance policy, which means that the policy will last as long as the premiums are paid for.

Banner Life’s universal policy can be issued up to age 85 and will remain in effect to age 121. The minimum death benefit is $50,000.

Banner Life offers two different universal life policies: Life Step and Life Choice. Both policies can be issued to applicants between the ages of 20 and 85, though they differ in their benefits.

Life Step UL

Life Step UL offers the flexibility to surrender your policy earlier, and you can also pay for your policy over a shorter period of time (e.g., 10 years) and still lock in lifetime coverage. This can be a good choice for those who prefer the lower minimum death benefit amount of $50,000. The flip side is that Life Step UL has 20-25% higher premiums and a lower guaranteed interest rate.

Life Choice UL

Life Choice UL has lower premiums, as well as a higher guaranteed interest rate. However, this policy is only available to those seeking a minimum death benefit of $100,000 or higher.

Policy benefits

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The stacking term rider is unique to the industry and provides a great way to customize your coverage when you need it most.


Accelerated Death Benefit

This rider will pay you an advance on your death benefit if you are diagnosed with a qualifying illness. You can use this to cover medical expenses, groceries, debts, and any end-of-life expenses you incur from your illness.

Children’s Term Rider

With this rider, your children are covered until age 25.

Waiver of Premium Rider

If you become disabled by a qualifying illness or injury, your premiums are waived.

Stacking Term Rider

This rider can provide an additional term period on top of an existing term. For example, if you have a 30-year term policy, you can purchase an additional 10-year rider to increase coverage during a specific period. This can be useful early in your policy when your financial obligations tend to be higher.

Conversion Options

As we mentioned, term policies can be converted to a universal life insurance policy (either Life Step or Life Choice UL) at any point prior to your 70th birthday.


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Banner Life offers competitive rates, though they have the reputation for dramatically increased rates for those who have a poor health history.

For healthy applicants, Banner Life’s monthly premiums tend to be lower than industry averages. For a 20-year, $500,000 policy, Banner Life offers consistently competitive premiums across a range of ages:

Age RangeBanner LifeIndustry Average

*Please consult Banner Life for precise quotes.

However, many third-party reviews indicate that Banner Life’s monthly rates can increase sharply for applicants who smoke or have a history of health problems.


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Industry leaders rank Banner Life very highly in terms of financial performance. Banner Life is among the most trusted life insurance companies in the industry today.

Financial ratings

Banner Life has received consistently high scores from third-party consumer agencies, including:

  • S&P Rating: A+ (superior)
  • A.M. Best Rating: AA-
  • BBB: A+

These ratings indicate strong financial performance, illustrating the reliability of Banner Life.

Customer reviews & Complaints

Full starFull starFull starFull starEmpty star
Though their life insurance is not independently rated, ANICO has a good track record of customer service overall.

Customer ratings

Despite some negative customer reviews floating around, Legal & General Life has been rated highly in terms of its customer service performance.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) issues a complaint ratio that reflects a company’s history of customer service. A score of 1.0 indicates that a company receives an average number of customer complaints. Banner Life has received a score of 0.16, indicating a below-average number of customer complaints when compared to companies of a similar size.

However, some of the negative reviews that circulate online indicate a past problem with Banner Life’s customer service team. If you choose to purchase a policy through Banner Life, you can protect yourself by requesting written confirmation for any policy changes you make.

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