Best Car Insurance For 22-Year-Olds

There are many reasons a 22-year-old might be in the market for car insurance. Perhaps you just graduated college and are moving to a new state for your first real-world job.
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Best Car Insurance For 22-Year-Olds

Written by Brian Greenberg
CEO / Founder & Licensed Insurance Agent

Last updated: November 24th, 2022

Reviewed by Grant Desselle
Licensed Insurance Agent

Or maybe your parents have decided it’s time for you to go off their policy. Whatever the reason you might need car insurance, you can find out more about the best auto insurance for 22-year-olds, the cost and coverage types, and ways to save on premiums below.

What is the Best Car Insurance for a 22-Year-Old?

The best auto insurance policy is the least expensive one that still provides the coverage you need. If you have an older car that you own outright, it might be better to forgo comprehensive and collision coverage and opt for liability only. Just keep in mind that if your car is damaged or totaled in an at-fault accident, the cost of a repair or replacement will come out of your pocket.

Even if money is tight, it isn’t always the best idea to choose the minimum level of liability coverage required by your state. If you have an accident that results in higher damages than your coverage level, you may be responsible for paying the rest on your own.

How Much is Car Insurance for 22-Year-0lds?

The average cost of car insurance for a 22-year-old is $350 per month for full coverage, but it can range from under $200 to nearly $600 depending on the company. For liability-only coverage at state minimum levels, the average premiums for 22-year-olds are much lower at $65 per month.

What is the Least Expensive Auto Insurance for 22-Year-Olds?

The least expensive auto insurance company for 22-year-olds is Geico, with monthly premiums averaging $193, but this company does not offer coverage in all states. On the other end of the spectrum, the highest full-coverage premiums for 22-year-olds are found at Allstate, averaging $599 per month.

Company Average monthly premium, full coverage
GEICO $195
Nationwide $235
Progressive $280
State Farm $280
Farmers $370
Allstate $600

Auto insurance premiums for 22-year-olds also vary a bit by gender. The average cost of auto insurance for 22-year-old females is $349 per month, while the average cost of auto insurance for 22-year-old males is $369 per month.

Do 22-Year-Olds Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums Than Older Drivers?

Car insurance premiums are highest at age 16 and drop precipitously between ages 18 and 30. Rates continue to decline from ages 30 to 65 but much more slowly, and after age 65, they slightly tick back up. For this reason, it is a good idea to shop around for the best rates periodically as your age and driving habits change over the years. The best car insurance for teenagers might not still be the best at age 22, and the best auto insurance for new drivers isn’t always the right choice for a middle-aged person who’s been driving for decades.

How Can a 22-Year-Old Save Money on Car Insurance?

Though car insurance can be expensive for 22-year-olds, most companies offer a number of ways to save on premiums.

By maintaining a good driving record and avoiding accidents and tickets, you can lower premiums over time. Some auto insurers even offer mobile apps that track your driving and assign you a “grade” at policy renewal time. An “A” grade can result in a premium discount.

If you bundle your car insurance policy with another type of insurance from the same company, such as renters insurance, you can often receive a discount on both policies.

Your zip code and credit score both can impact your auto insurance rates. Make sure to be diligent about paying bills on time, and if you’re looking for an apartment in a new city, compare rates in different neighborhoods you’re considering.

If you’re still enrolled in school and carry a 3.0 GPA or higher, you might be eligible for a good student discount from your auto insurer. Many companies offer this discount for policyholders up to 25 years old.

Insurance Company Average savings with a good student discount
Allstate 19.9%
State Farm 15.7%
Nationwide 15.6%
Farmers 12.3%
Progressive 8.3%
GEICO 7.7%

The Bottom Line on Car Insurance for 22-Year-Olds

It might be a challenge, but you can find affordable car insurance at 22 years old by shopping around, comparing rates, and taking advantage of premium discounts offered by your auto insurer.

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